Monday, December 8, 2014

Annie Aitken and Nicole Ellis are the Finalists for

The Blake Prize, 2014

More information can be accessed here

Media release for this event can be accessed here.

Opening 13 December 
at UNSW Galleries, UNSW Art & Design at Paddington from 3-5pm. 


Anie Nheu: Intimate Worlds

Anie Nheu. The Handstand (left), Ingested (right). 2014.

Five artists explore the theme of Intimate Worlds through the practice and discourse of painting.

Images of other works and background information can be accessed through this link

Venue AirSpace Projects Artists Catherine Rogers Kaye Shumack Fleur MacDonald Stephanie Montieth Anie Nheu Exhibition Dates 5th December - 20th December

Anie Nheu and Anthony Cahill are the Finalists for

Fisher's Ghost Art Award, 2014

More than 800 entries were received this year, hence the long list of Finalist also.  For more details on this event, access through here

Venue Campbelltown Arts Gallery
Exhibition Dates  25th October to 15th December

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gail Kenning at Factory 49

Memory Trigger #1-6 JAK

Opening: Wed 29 Oct, 6-8

(Gail will not be present at opening due to illness)


Textiles, textures and patterns are evocative. Fabrics are frequently associated with events, but they also trigger emotional memory.
 Following on from Gail's Weaving Narratives series, this work is a profile: fragments are interwoven to trigger emotions and memories and create  new emotional responses.

For more info go to or email

Show runs 30 Oct - 8 Nov.
Showroom hours are 1-6pm Thu-Sat Follow us on Facebook 
or visit

Factory 49 
49 Shepherd St
, Marrickville, Sydney Australia 
(+61 2) 9572 9863

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Hidden" 2014 Barbara Licha

Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk 2014 - "Passage" Barbara Licha

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sue Pedley : Sound Lines

Opening  Thursday 28th August 6-8pm
Articulate Project Space Upstairs
497 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt Sydney 

Also at Articulate project space is Helen Grace Out of Sight

Exhibition Dates August 28 to September 14
Gallery Opens on Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11-5

Sound Lines
is a series of drawings made during a textile field trip in Gujurat, India (February 2014) and at a Land Art Project in Fall, Norway (July 2014).

The chinagraph drawings and rubbings were made on a tour of textile factories, workshops and museums in Gujurat. They were made “on the run”, in buses, museums, artisan studios and ancient mosques, temples and traditional step wells. There are line drawings of colourful and intricate embroideries from Ahmedabad’s Calico Museum and others from the Rabari embroidery workshop at Kala Raksha; the rubbings were made at Gandhi ’s ashram, in markets and woodblock workshops.

The drawings were made in Norway as research for a site specific work titled ‘Birch Bridge’. The materials for the work–birch wood, hemp, brooms and pans–were found in situ, except for a woollen fleece bought from Tasmania (my birth place) specifically for the project. Carbon paper was used to copy each drawing and rubbing, the carbon copy becoming in turn the foundation for a new work. A number were made in response to sound works by composers in the project; other artists collaborated in drawing.

Each collection of drawings was made in a particular location, over a three week period in the company of artists and designers. Gathered together, exhibited side by side, they are a diary of images, conversations, history, fast impressions…grounds for a deeper understanding of a new place and the complex layers of history that go to make up each site’s identity.

Land Art Project Participants: Boyd, Alison Clouston, Caroline Ho-Bich-Tuyen Dang, Kaisu Koivist, Egil Martin Kurdol, Kjell Samkopf

More information on Sue Pedley's works:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Therese Kenyon 'The Water Rushed in...' exhibition opening 13 August 5.30pm 2014

Predominantly works on paper and drafting film, the exhibition is at the Annexe, Brenda May Gallery Danks St, Waterloo as the final exhibition of guest curator Akky van Ogtrop's project Het Papier, 2014.

In its violence, water takes on a characteristic wrath; in other words, it is easily given all the psychological features of a form of anger. Man rather glibly boasts of checking this anger. Thus violent water becomes water to which one does violence. A malicious duel between man and the floods begins.
Gaston Bachelard

This installation of drawings features work around the idea of water being an expression of precariousness. Drawing on a centuries-old painting of Chinese flood imagery, I use the iron wire line (precursor to manga) as an illustrative element alongside Asian pictorial structures such as the vertical scroll format to create a new sequence of works. The common denominator is imagery of people being rescued, taken from photographs of the storm surge in Zeeland, the Netherlands in 1953 and televised footage of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast of North America in 2012.

Infrastructure Undone by Nature Therese Kenyon 2014
Ink and gouache on paper 3.5 m x 95cm

Runoff Therese Kenyon 2014
Gouache on paper 3.5 m x 95cm

Detail Runoff Therese Kenyon 2014

Exodus Therese Kenyon 2014
Layers of drafting film over Rives BFK paper 90cm x 120cm
The Water Rushed in... Therese Kenyon 2014
Acrylic on canvas 91cm x91 cm

Detail The Water rushed in...Therese Kenyon 2014

Detail Zeeland 1953 Therese Kenyon 2014
Layered drafting film over ink on paper 3.5 m x 95cm

Saturday, July 12, 2014

PlayBox : a Work in Progress

Jan Fieldsend and Anie Nheu are collaborating on a joint exhibition at AirSpace Projects.  

The journey has been a metaphor of  making sense through objects, relating, displacing, assembling and distilling differences.

Exhibition opens on 1st of August.

Working images:

Installation View

Jan Fieldsend. Untitled, 2014.

Anie Nheu. Crepuscule 2014, oil on plywood

Friday, July 11, 2014

Anie Nheu : Finalist of Mornington Peninsula National Works on Paper Prize, 2014

With over 1000 entries submitted to Mornington Peninsula Regional Art Gallery for the Paper Prize, Anie was one of the 66 finalists selected.

For full details, visit the Mornington Peninsula Regional Art Gallery link

Exhibition Dates   23 May - 20 July 2014

Baggage, 2012. mixed media on board. 76 x 50 cm

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Democracy of Drawing 2 - Art Month Sydney Event

Sue Pedley & Anie Nheu are part of a drawing group exhibition held at a new artists run project space, AirSpace Projects

OPENING Friday, 14th March 6-8pm

EXHIBITION continues to 22nd March

LOCATION AirSpace Projects
1/10 Junction Street, MARRICKVILLE NSW 2204

Monday, February 17, 2014

One Metre Max : a MOST Event 2014

Artists at Ultimo Project Studios are exhibiting at UP Space Gallery and opening their studio doors for the Marrickville Open Studio Trail Event

Exhibition & Open Studios  

Dates       1 + 2 March     10:00-5:00