Thursday, December 15, 2016

Nicole Ellis : Repurpose

Nicole Ellis. Time-Lapse 6, 2016, acrylic paint on fabric, on canvas, 150 x 110 cm.

Drill Hall Gallery

Kingsley Street, off Barry Drive, Acton

Fri 11 November — Sun 18 December 2016

Nicole Ellis is in a group exhibition curated by Tony Oates.  It features artists repurpose used or found materials stripping them of their original identity through reassemble, or juxtapose them with other materials, and thereby assigning them new identity.

Other artists in this exhibition are Matt Arbuckle, Peter Atkins, Chris Carmody, Ewin Fabian, Robert Motherwell, Elizabeth Newman, and Trish Roan.

Nicole's interview can be seen here: interview

Nicole Ellis : Flag Wavering

Nicole Ellis. Faded and Down Home. Cotton on wood, loose cotton pieces. 241x2.5cm.



38 Botany Road, Alexandria

6 - 10 December

Nicole Ellis was part of a group exhibition at Slot curated by Charles Cooper and Pia Larsen in their meditation on the symbol of U.S.A. and the state of its national consciousness during the recent U.S. election which resulted in the victory of Donald Trump.

Other participating artists were Tony Twigg, Charles Cooper, Pia Larsen, Lynne Eastaway, Maryanne Coutts, Wendy Murray, Frank Littler, Margaret Roberts.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sue Pedley & Virginia Hilyard : Blueprint | Picture Start

Blueprint | Picture Start 

curated by Helen Grace

497 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt. NSW 2040
Exhibition date      29 October - 13 November
Artist / Curator's Talk    13 November 3-5 pm

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sculpture by the Sea 20 October - 6 November

Barbara Licha "Surfing Bondi Clouds" 2016

Barbara Licha : Sculptures by the Sea, 2016

Barbara is showing at Sculptures by the Sea event.  Her entry appeared on the Guardian's post:

For more information, visit the Guardian's link

From the event's website: "This year we received close to 500 submissions, from 27 countries around the world, including Australia. After difficult deliberations the curatorial panel comprising of Deborah Edwards, Dr. Michael Hill, Dr. Nien Schwarz, Dr. Phoebe Scott selected the following artists who will be exhibiting at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2016."  To find out who they are look up the event by visiting the  link: Sculptures by the Sea.

The event continues to 6th of November

Robert Hawkins and Barbara Licha : Hidden, A Rookwood Sculpture Walk

Barbara Licha. Listen to Time Passes, 2016.

Hidden is the 8th annual sculpture prize event held at Rookwood Cemetery.  

Studio members Robert Hawkins and Barbara Licha are amongst the finalist this year.

Exhibition Dates 23 September - 23 October 2016

Robert Hawkins entry was titled, End of Conversation.

Full list of finalists, winners and further information  can be accessed on the Rookwood Cemetery website:

Monday, October 3, 2016

ARCCO : Addison Road Community Centre Needs your Support

Ultimo Project Studios is one of many organisations that operate through the Addison Road Community Centre. Funding is needed to support an upgrade and maintenance of ARCCO's essential infrastructures and run its community targeted programs.

ARCCO is currently running crowd funding activities and seeking donations to carry out the necessary upgrade on the centre's infracture.  

Please visit this link to find out how you can help.   You have until 11:31 AM, 17th November 2016 EST to act.

Anthony Cahill and Pollyxenia Joannou : Red Herring

AirSpace Project gallery 1
Exhibition dates 2nd September - 17 September 2016
Artists' Talks on 17 September 3-5 pm

Anthony and Polly have been friends and colleagues.  In Red Herring, the two have come together for the first time to have an exhibition on the theme of 'shadow'.  The works are done in their individual spaces and the 'collaboration' comes towards the end, at the exhibition space when the hanging took place. The process and result are as surprising to them as they are for the viewers.  Their distinct visual styles have communicated to one another effortlessly.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Barbara Licha : Sculpture at Sawmillers

Barbara is a finalist at this year's event with this entry:

Barbara Licha. Tenants 2016.

Exhibition Date 17 - 25 September 2016

Full listing and information of this year's event is posted on Sawmillers' website:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wayne Hutchins : On Closer Inspection


Exhibition Opening 24th August, 6 - 8 pm


Exhibition continues to 4th September 2016



51a William Street

Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Anie Nheu : Forms on Edge
Anie Nheu. Double edged, 2016. Mixed media on paper board.

Exhibition Opens

5 August 6-8 pm


AirSpace Projects

10 Junctions Street Marrickville
NSW 2204 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Geoff Levitus : A Foreigner's Glimpse

May18 No3 mixed media on paper 40x30cm
Opening Thursday 14th July 6-8 pm

Stanley Street Gallery
1/52-54 Stanley Street
Darlinghurst, NSW 2010

Exhibition Dates 13th July - 6th August 2016

For Geoff Levitus this exhibition is a culmination of his travels and research over the past eleven years. Living for different periods in Europe and Asia he revitalized his art practice by opening himself up to much older cultures and histories than that of his colonized Australian home. As an outsider he brought fresh eyes and his considerable artistic skills to record his experiences and first impressions, though his own maturity and sensitivity prompted him to peel back the layers and search for the obscured political and social streams running beneath the surface of these different societies.

In these works on paper and large paintings Geoff Levitus brings into play, imagery from Italy, France, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and India. Borrowing something of beauty such as the iconic flower of each country and placing it in an Asian influenced white-charged space, he enters a different realm of picture making. The Buddhist notion of letting things take their course, dovetails with the flowing paint methods and guided accidents that Levitus employs to make both his watercolours and large enamel paintings.

His mixed media works on paper combine flora, newspaper reportage, finely drawn birdcages, boats, and calligraphy all linked with ribbons of coloured wash. These are then translated into larger scale works on canvas. Using poured enamel paint in lieu of watercolour he expands the scale and impact of his recent work. Floating over aerosol acrylic painted backgrounds with vibrant gloss enamel colour, he creates flowers from each country’s iconic bloom, using a marbling technique.

The juxtaposition of poetics and politics comes to the fore in the way Levitus seduces the viewer with delicious, pinks, intense greens, oranges and reds, symbolic iconography, folk art and the tactility of his paintings. He then undercuts that with subtle reminders of conflicts and injustices present and past, slipping into the frame the imagery of soldiers putting down rebellions from the colonial past.

Levitus has often used objects as symbols of loss and peril. He recalls in an interview that his beautiful and often pictured Moroccan birdcage was found in a market in France. In this finely crafted birdcage he found resonances with colonized North Africa and reportage that Vietnamese rebels were carried in cages under French rule in the early 20th century. He also includes visual references to refugees and boats travelling across open seas from Syria and elsewhere in his most recent paintings.

His residencies in Vietnam and visits to South Korea and Japan also influenced the sensibility and techniques in his work. The adoption of the Asian use of white space representing time passing and space re-imagined, is an important element in these works. As a potent area, holding spatial and perspectival nuances, these white expanses connect the disparate elements within the work.

Decorative techniques are unabashedly utilized in Vietnam, Korea and Japan in the traditional pursuit of beauty derived from nature. Levitus’s use of polyurethane base that allows the dispersal of coloured enamels is likened to the shine of laquerwork in decorative Japanese art and craft.

Overall these works can be seen as a humanitarian stream of consciousness whereby Levitus poses the view that: we are all human beings but the conditions that form us are so subject to the circumstances and the political mileu of each country. We all have a history that is universal and we should take more responsibility for each other. In other words, we are all victims of circumstance and political histories. We are descended from settlers, convicts, survivors or refugees at some point in the past so why can’t we be more understanding of the travails of the current movement of people out of war zones and poverty?

Levitus is a serious artist and emphasizes: This work is not a travelogue but expresses how I relate to the world. The politics are unavoidable but often suppressed in many cultures that are trying to absorb democratic processes. In passing Geoff mentions the aftermath of the Fukishima disaster as another example of people being displaced through no fault of their own but becoming refugees in their own country.

He relates to an artistic tradition where artists have often gone on journeys to disrupt their normal way of doing things, to respectfully engage with different cultures and thus bring new interpretations of what they see and understand from this exposure, even though one can only be a foreigner who is allowed glimpses of the other.

Therese Kenyon
Click here to view an online preview by Artist Profile



"Working often in Asia and Europe over the last 11 years, I scratched the surfaces to discover the cultural effects of interconnecting histories. I discovered contemporary life on the streets juxtaposed with the traditional life of temples and pagodas, the beauty of visual representations of these daily contradictions, but also the horror of wars and uprisings largely unknown to the West.

Spending large amounts of time living in Vietnam, as well as South Korea, Japan, India, Laos, Cambodia and China, surfaces peeled slightly away, each layer revealing bits of astonishing beauty and horrific ugliness. The West is now struggling with the tide of refugees that are partly a result of its own economic and political colonialism.
Asia’s rocky path from colonial histories to 21st century economic prosperity exposes the huge cultural divides and unfamiliarity with democratic ideas that are common in many of these countries. It becomes obvious that we are good at forgetting and burying history, especially that the history of refugees is a universal one repeated through the ages which implicates us all. My work is an effort to confront this reality."

Monday, March 21, 2016

Therese Kenyon installation at the School of Art Gallery, ANU 4-11 March 2016.

These works have returned to No. 11 Ultimo Project studio of Therese Kenyon. She will be holding an UPSPACE exhibition of some of this work for her colleagues, family and friends who could not attend ANU Canberra for her PhD exhibition.

Infrastructure Undone by Nature
Ink and gouache on Mulberry paper 40 x 60 cm

The Gridded Stain
Photograph of ink wash and gouache on Canson watercolour paper
 Digital print size variable

Flung Ink with Gridded Stain
Detail of ink wash and gouache on Canson watercolour paper
Evaporation drawing installation
Ink on Somerset smooth paper 80 x 200 cm

Cherry Blossom -Ripples and Pleats
Ink and wash on Arches Rives paper, 75 x 200 cm

Construction and Resistance 

Diptych Acrylic on linen, 60 x 120 cm

Installation at School Of Art Gallery ANU

Installation at School Of Art Gallery ANU 

Installation of Frankenstorm, Undone by Nature and Capricious

Ink and gouache on paper, 305 x 90 cm

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Barbara Licha : Sculptures by the Sea, Cottesloe

Barbara Licha. Listen time passes..., 2016.

This is the 19th annual event at Cottesloe Beach, Perth.  This year there are 77 artists from 19 countries.  

Event Dates  4 – 20 March 2016

Full information and images of participating artists' works can be accessed via this link: Sculptures by the Sea, Cottesloe 2016.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Therese Kenyon : Post Graduate Exhibition at Australian National University

Infrastructure Undone by Nature 3,  Ink and gouache on mulberry paper laid on cotton canvas.  40 x 60 cm.

WATER AND CULTURE : Visualising dissolution and control, exploring water as matter and medium

School of Art Main Gallery
105 Childers Street Acton

Opening  3 March 2016  6 pm

Exhibition Dates  4-10 March

Entry taken from the ANU website :

Therese Kenyon | Painting | Doctor of Philosophy
The idea of water – all-pervading and essential, fearsome yet controllable – has driven
my studio-based research. What are the meanings of water in the contemporary world?
How could I explore this motif using water as imagery, matter and medium referencing
the painting traditions of Asia and the West?

This research explores in visual form the idea that water is analogous to the flow of
cultures around the globe. The resulting paintings evolved from a sense of loss and
precariousness counterbalanced by an appreciation of the deep symbolism of water’s
necessity to life on earth. Focusing on Asian landscape painting traditions, crossfertilised
with Modernist Western abstraction, I elaborate on the cultural connectivity
between East and West through various artists’ work. In the integration of imagery and
process, my work reflects on water and fluidity as metaphors for cultural
connectedness and it is contextualised by tracing these confluences across history and
societies. In this sense,
Water and Culture offers a new channel for speculative
thought on the subject of water and art.

Therese Kenyon is a Sydney based artist and curator. She completed her BAVA and
MFA at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. She has lectured in Drawing and Printmaking
at the University of Newcastle undergraduate program, the University of Sydney Art
Workshops, and the National Art School short courses program. She is a member of
the Ultimo Project artists collective. Her recent research has included artist in
residences in Beijing and field trips to museums in China, the USA and the
Netherlands, to document disastrous water events.

Friday, March 4, 2016

MOST 2016

UPspace Exhibition and Ultimo Project Artists Open Studios



On March 5 and 6 artists will be opening their studio doors to the public  and taking part in MOST and Art Month Sydney. An exhibition of artists works will also be on show at UPspace.

Studios and Gallery space will be open from 11 am to 6pm each day