Monday, November 30, 2015

Barbara Licha at Brenda May Gallery: 30 Years | 30 Artists | 30 Works

Secret, 1991. oil on canvas. 129 x 155cm

Celebrating the Gallery's 30 year history, Barbara Licha is part of the 30 artists selected for this group exhibition.

Exhibition Dates 24th of November - 19 December 

Brenda May Gallery
2 Danks Street Waterloo NSW Australia 2017

Catalogue for the Exhibition

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Jan Fieldsend

Massed Arrangements  

AirSpace Projects 
10 Junction Street Marrickville 

Friday 6 November 6-8pm
exhibition continues to 21st November 

Barbara Licha : winner of Waverley Council Mayor’s Prize 2015 at Sculpture by the Sea

This is Barbara's winning entry.  The Sculpture by the Sea is a popular annual event with over 100 sculptures installed along the Bondi-Tamarama costal walk.  It has been recorded with 520,000 visitors.  The event continues to 8th of November.  For more information, visit the official link to the event Sculpture by the Sea

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dia de Los Muertos: Red Girl in Mexico - Sarah Gibson at UPspace

Opening 30th October - exhibition continues 31st October—1st November 2015

In 2013 Sarah undertook an artist residency in Oaxaca, Mexico to immerse herself in Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations when the living welcome the dead with feasts, vigils and parades, with private and collective acts of remembering.

What is it like when death is very alive in the cultural imagination? The sheer size and quirky vibrancy of the giant papier-mâché skeletons and puppets created by Mexican artists inspired this series of drawings.

 Working with oil pastel Sarah explores the colours and liveliness of a Mexican approach to death. She uses her character ‘Red Girl’ to play with her own anxieties about death, in particular her fear of unlived life.  “ I am interested in the permeability between the living and the dead and between life and death. I am curious about how we bring awareness of death into life.”

Detail, Spider Mother, 2015

Self Portrait, Oaxaca, 2014

Dia de Los Muertos: Red Girl in Mexico is at UPspace, UPstudios Gallery until 1st November. Hut 14, Addison Rd, Marrickville. See map below

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

There’s room in my house


return to Slot with a work that references current issues around homelessness and the plight of refugees.
The work was inspired by a hand drawn banner made by 5 year old Xavier Egan for the Light the Dark Vigil at Sydney’s Hyde Park on Monday 7th September 2015[1]. The vigil drew attention to the displaced people around the world through messages of welcome and solidarity.
The rallies, which took place in a number of cities in Australia called on political leaders to take an active role to ease the suffering of the growing numbers of refugees worldwide.
The work by Kenning and Pedley at slot consists of a set of curtains, made from the conservatively styled material used to the line suits of corporate clothing, most typically suits. The curtains are casually draped reminiscent of the carefully chosen furnishings that differentiate a house from a home and provides a sense of place that are currently not available to many refugees. The matter of who is allowed to become a resident and can make a home is complex. It involves engaging with issues of nation states and territories, economics, politics and warring factions. The simplicity of the message ‘There’s room in my house’ written in blue in a child’s handwriting stands in stark contrast to the cacophony of voices commentating on the events as they unfold. It risks being an oversimplification. But, it reminds us of the role that creativity, art and imagining can play in cutting through and demonstrating basic shared humanity.

[1] A photo of Xavier Evans and his hand written message appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald. Photo: Luke Vodell

Saturday, September 12, 2015

UP Artists at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

Ultimo Project Artists are currently on stand P15 in Bay 19 at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair. Call by today from 10 am - to 6pm and tomorrow until 5pm

Sunday, September 6, 2015

UP Artists in Paper Contemporary at Sydney Contemporary 2015

Sydney Contemporary 2015

Ultimo Project on Artsy

A selection of artists from the Ultimo Project will be exhibiting as part of Paper Contemporary at Sydney Contemporary 2015. The work will be available for viewing and purchase at booth P15

Monday, July 27, 2015

Paper Contemporary at Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks from 10-13 September 2015

Anie Nheu Untitled 2014 

Anie Nheu Untitled 2014

Barbara Licha Untitled 2012

Barbara Licha Afternoon 2010

Barbara Licha Horizon 2015

Jan Fieldsend Night Sky Series No. 1 2015

Jan Fieldsend Night Sky Series No. 2 2015

Sue Pedley Untitled 2010

Sue Pedley Untitled 2012

Sue Pedley Untitled 2010

Therese Kenyon To save Venice 2013

Therese Kenyon To save the lowlands 2013

Wayne Hutchins Observation # 25, 2015

Wayne Hutchins Observation # 23, 2015

These are a selection of works available for sale at the Contemporary Art Fair under the Paper Contemporary series of booths. The Ultimo Project UPSPACE will be at P15 so please come and visit. The Works on Paper artists are: Barbara Licha, Gail Kenning, Wayne Hutchins, Therese Kenyon, Jan Fieldsend, Sue Pedley, Anie Nheu.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Adrian Baiada & Eytan Messiah : the Choko

One of our latest artist in resident, Adrian Baiada, is exhibiting the paintings done during his sojourn at UP Studios.

Geoff Levitus showing in Korea

Geoff Levitus has been overseas for over a year.  Recently, he participated an exhibition in Barim, an open art district in Gwangju, Korea.

Geoff works across several media including video, installation, painting, sculpture, and work on paper, interested in cross-cultural connections, identity, sense of place, the effects of displacement and dislocation and those things that point to a common humanity from the sublime to the ridiculous.

In this exhibition, Geoff presents ‘Boat.’ The boat - a metaphor for escape, freedom, a path to a new safe life, a casting off of old bonds, but also for the fragility of life considering the risks that a frail vessel and its passengers can suffer at the mercy of the sea, the elements, pirates, and even unsympathetic governments. So it speaks of refugees, of desperation, of a search for a new home and a new life, the real risk of death in the effort to find safety and security, and also the possibility that death can find us at any time for no good reason, making life itself a boat-ride.'

View the work on YouTube

Geoff is now on a 1 month residency in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Therese Kenyon in 'Paper Works III' at Brenda May Gallery

Brenda May Gallery

2 Danks Street

Waterloo NSW 2017

T: 02 9318 1122

Open: Tues to Fri 11-6, Sat 10-6

'Runoff' acrylic gouache on paper 3m x 90cm

'Our Designs on Water: Using water as both image and matter I aim to create a dialogue between the concepts of fluidity and solidity. I explore the interplay between control and dissolution as a way towards abstraction as a meditative and poetic practice. Through material thinking and the diffused lens of overlapping Asian and Western painting practices, I utilise the artists’ materials and technologies from both cultures to bring new understandings of abstraction and the poetic through a body of wall installations, predominantly works on paper, supported by digital media.'  

Therese Kenyon

 Go to this link for the catalogue

Paper Works III
exhibition lookbook

We are pleased to present you with the exhibition catalogue for Paper Works III,  on view at the Gallery until Saturday 2 May.

The third edition of Paper Works III again features artists working with paper as a material in innovative ways; from the origami-like folding, present in the work of Glen ClarkeLiz Shreeve, and Lisa Giles to the incredibly delicate and intricate hand cut paper from Louise MorganNicola Moss, and Mylyn NguyenHelen Mueller's 'earthen wear', melds printmaking with molded vessels, Bettina Hill's 'The Shape of Paper, arcs and lines', features strips of paper woven into a bulbous form, and Elizabeth Willing uses processed cheese to sculpt a single sheet of paper through natural processes of decomposition.

▶ Click here to view the lookbook for Paper Works III

▶ Click here to view The Quarterly, volume 1, number 2.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

UPMOST exhibition images

Entry to Building 24 of Ultimo Project Studios where UP Space Gallery showed members art works

UPMOST exhibition at UP Space Gallery

View of the Exhibition Space from  the 1st Aisle

Installation view: (from right to left) Jane Eagger's paintings in 4 panels, Jennifer Levitus, Anthony Cahill,  Tonee Messiah

Wayne Hutchins

Therese Kenyon

Therese Kenyon

Therese Kenyon

Barbara Licha, Carolyn Brady, Tonee Messiah

Installation view

Installation view

Gail Kenning

Barbara Licha

Carolyn Brady

Mark Dubner

Tonee Messiah

Anthony Cahill

Sylvia Hermine

Jennifer Levitus

Sarah Gibson

Sue Pedley

Janice Fieldsend

Janice Fieldsend

Janice Fieldsend

Barbara Licha

Robert Hawkins

Jane Eagger

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson

Wayne Hutchins

Wayne Hutchins

Barbara Licha, Carolyn Brady, Tonee Messiah

Installation view

Carolyn Brady, Tonee Messiah, Anthony Cahill

Wayne Hutchins

Anie's studio

Wayne's Studio

Therese in her studio