Friday, June 26, 2015

Adrian Baiada & Eytan Messiah : the Choko

One of our latest artist in resident, Adrian Baiada, is exhibiting the paintings done during his sojourn at UP Studios.

Geoff Levitus showing in Korea

Geoff Levitus has been overseas for over a year.  Recently, he participated an exhibition in Barim, an open art district in Gwangju, Korea.

Geoff works across several media including video, installation, painting, sculpture, and work on paper, interested in cross-cultural connections, identity, sense of place, the effects of displacement and dislocation and those things that point to a common humanity from the sublime to the ridiculous.

In this exhibition, Geoff presents ‘Boat.’ The boat - a metaphor for escape, freedom, a path to a new safe life, a casting off of old bonds, but also for the fragility of life considering the risks that a frail vessel and its passengers can suffer at the mercy of the sea, the elements, pirates, and even unsympathetic governments. So it speaks of refugees, of desperation, of a search for a new home and a new life, the real risk of death in the effort to find safety and security, and also the possibility that death can find us at any time for no good reason, making life itself a boat-ride.'

View the work on YouTube

Geoff is now on a 1 month residency in Hoi An, Vietnam.