Sunday, November 24, 2013

Crafting wellbeing and playful ageing

Dr Gail Kenning and Dr Cathy Treadaway recently presented on their research projects 'Crafting wellbeing' and 'Making a Difference' at the Art of Good Health and Wellbeing Conference in Sydney 2013  

They also launched a collaborative project working with craft and play for the elderly and persons with dementia. The project aims to promote play, fun and joy in older people lives.

Making Time - Gail Kenning at DUMBO

Gail Kenning's programmed animation 'Making time' was recently exhibited as part of the DUMBO arts festival in New York. The Hour long animation was created from custom made software which creates randomised craft patterns and forms. 

A Million More Weaving Patterns…Gail Kenning's Extended Textiles

A series of Gail Kenning's extended textiles were shown recently as part of the Wangarratta Textiles Awards. The computer programmed animations are created from custom designed software developed and created by Gail Kenning. The software can potentially create millions of different patterns, never repeating the same pattern twice. The programmed weaving patterns were projected across silk organza.

Friday, March 15, 2013

UP Space Gallery is part of MOST

UP Space Gallery was one of the 42 studios and galleries participated in this year's Marrickville Open Studio Trail  (MOST)

Images show some of the works on display for the day.