Monday, March 21, 2016

Therese Kenyon installation at the School of Art Gallery, ANU 4-11 March 2016.

These works have returned to No. 11 Ultimo Project studio of Therese Kenyon. She will be holding an UPSPACE exhibition of some of this work for her colleagues, family and friends who could not attend ANU Canberra for her PhD exhibition.

Infrastructure Undone by Nature
Ink and gouache on Mulberry paper 40 x 60 cm

The Gridded Stain
Photograph of ink wash and gouache on Canson watercolour paper
 Digital print size variable

Flung Ink with Gridded Stain
Detail of ink wash and gouache on Canson watercolour paper
Evaporation drawing installation
Ink on Somerset smooth paper 80 x 200 cm

Cherry Blossom -Ripples and Pleats
Ink and wash on Arches Rives paper, 75 x 200 cm

Construction and Resistance 

Diptych Acrylic on linen, 60 x 120 cm

Installation at School Of Art Gallery ANU

Installation at School Of Art Gallery ANU 

Installation of Frankenstorm, Undone by Nature and Capricious

Ink and gouache on paper, 305 x 90 cm

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Barbara Licha : Sculptures by the Sea, Cottesloe

Barbara Licha. Listen time passes..., 2016.

This is the 19th annual event at Cottesloe Beach, Perth.  This year there are 77 artists from 19 countries.  

Event Dates  4 – 20 March 2016

Full information and images of participating artists' works can be accessed via this link: Sculptures by the Sea, Cottesloe 2016.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Therese Kenyon : Post Graduate Exhibition at Australian National University

Infrastructure Undone by Nature 3,  Ink and gouache on mulberry paper laid on cotton canvas.  40 x 60 cm.

WATER AND CULTURE : Visualising dissolution and control, exploring water as matter and medium

School of Art Main Gallery
105 Childers Street Acton

Opening  3 March 2016  6 pm

Exhibition Dates  4-10 March

Entry taken from the ANU website :

Therese Kenyon | Painting | Doctor of Philosophy
The idea of water – all-pervading and essential, fearsome yet controllable – has driven
my studio-based research. What are the meanings of water in the contemporary world?
How could I explore this motif using water as imagery, matter and medium referencing
the painting traditions of Asia and the West?

This research explores in visual form the idea that water is analogous to the flow of
cultures around the globe. The resulting paintings evolved from a sense of loss and
precariousness counterbalanced by an appreciation of the deep symbolism of water’s
necessity to life on earth. Focusing on Asian landscape painting traditions, crossfertilised
with Modernist Western abstraction, I elaborate on the cultural connectivity
between East and West through various artists’ work. In the integration of imagery and
process, my work reflects on water and fluidity as metaphors for cultural
connectedness and it is contextualised by tracing these confluences across history and
societies. In this sense,
Water and Culture offers a new channel for speculative
thought on the subject of water and art.

Therese Kenyon is a Sydney based artist and curator. She completed her BAVA and
MFA at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. She has lectured in Drawing and Printmaking
at the University of Newcastle undergraduate program, the University of Sydney Art
Workshops, and the National Art School short courses program. She is a member of
the Ultimo Project artists collective. Her recent research has included artist in
residences in Beijing and field trips to museums in China, the USA and the
Netherlands, to document disastrous water events.

Friday, March 4, 2016

MOST 2016

UPspace Exhibition and Ultimo Project Artists Open Studios



On March 5 and 6 artists will be opening their studio doors to the public  and taking part in MOST and Art Month Sydney. An exhibition of artists works will also be on show at UPspace.

Studios and Gallery space will be open from 11 am to 6pm each day