Monday, July 27, 2015

Paper Contemporary at Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks from 10-13 September 2015

Anie Nheu Untitled 2014 

Anie Nheu Untitled 2014

Barbara Licha Untitled 2012

Barbara Licha Afternoon 2010

Barbara Licha Horizon 2015

Jan Fieldsend Night Sky Series No. 1 2015

Jan Fieldsend Night Sky Series No. 2 2015

Sue Pedley Untitled 2010

Sue Pedley Untitled 2012

Sue Pedley Untitled 2010

Therese Kenyon To save Venice 2013

Therese Kenyon To save the lowlands 2013

Wayne Hutchins Observation # 25, 2015

Wayne Hutchins Observation # 23, 2015

These are a selection of works available for sale at the Contemporary Art Fair under the Paper Contemporary series of booths. The Ultimo Project UPSPACE will be at P15 so please come and visit. The Works on Paper artists are: Barbara Licha, Gail Kenning, Wayne Hutchins, Therese Kenyon, Jan Fieldsend, Sue Pedley, Anie Nheu.