Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kate T Deacock : Strange Fruit

Untitled Composition 
Mixed media on canvas, 30 x 50 cm (variable) on glass shelf

Opening on Wednesday 25 July, 2012
Exhibition dates Thursday 26 July - Saturday 4 August
                             1 – 6pm

at Factory 49Office Project Space
49 Shepherd Street 
Marrickville 2204

Kate T Deacock's works are simple compositions that emerge from visual, visceral & tactile contemplations on space, texture and material. Found objects, materials, household items are often utilized and more occasionally digital and electronic media. Process driven, the work tends to be mutable and changing - often reworked, discarded, found again, destroyed and recreated anew.

Through this process, Deacock comes to points of experiencing and choosing to pursue the discomforting psychological spaces in between certainty and uncertainty, knowing and not knowing, continuity and discontinuity, presence and absence, permanence and impermanence etc.  

The aim is for the work to take on an ambiguous nature in that perhaps it is hard to know whether it is 'finished' or 'unfinished'. Are these works, objects complete....or even deliberate...?  The invitation is for the viewer to experience some sense of ambiguity and uncertainty about the work. Also for it to be nevertheless engaging enough to stimulate the imagination or senses to wonder about its possible history or potential future. 

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